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If you’re considering grief counseling, I’m guessing you probably have experienced a significant death or loss. Maybe you need some help finding hope during this dark time. The introductory consultation is free of charge and is designed for you to see if Joshua Center’s services might benefit you.

We are thankful you have decided to pursue healing and hope. We invite you to contact us to get started.

Grief is generally brought on by a significant loss and characterized by coming in painful waves intermixed with positive memories of the deceased. Our staff, having experienced deep grief and loss themselves, understands that this can feel like a hopeless time. Grief counseling at Joshua Center helps clients move from grief to mourning, mourning to healing, and healing to living again.

The introductory consultation is free. During that consultation, we will make a plan on how you want to move forward in your or your child’s grief counseling. Grief counseling sessions are $100 per hour.

We do not take insurance. We take private pay and HSA.

Grief counseling sessions are 60 minutes. For younger children and families, we are willing to split sessions.

In-person appointments, direct texting, speaking over the phone, or tele-health.

At Joshua Center, we use Worden’s 4 Tasks of Mourning, cognitive behavioral therapy, and proven grief intervention to support grieving children and families as they embrace healing and hope.

Worden’s 4 Tasks of Mourning are:

  1. To accept the reality of the loss
  2. To process the pain of grief
  3. To adjust to a world without that which one has lost
  4. To find an enduring connection with that which was lost in the midst of embarking on a new life.