Welcome to Joshua Center!

Our mission, vision, and core values are the foundation that drive Joshua Center to support children and families experiencing grief as they find healing and hope.

Mission & Vision

Our mission: Support grieving children and families as they embrace healing and hope.

Our vision: Every child deserves hope as they are healing from grief and loss.

Core Values

Honesty – We speak the truth in love to foster healing and hope.

Humility – We exude a spirit of humility as to support the individual needs of those connected to Joshua Center.

Healing – We support closely the movement from grief to mourning, mourning to healing, and healing to living.

Hope – We believe expectantly in the futures of our clients, even when all hope seems lost.

Joshua Center’s Story

It was February 22, 2005 when our founder Rachel Long’s heart was broken. That Tuesday morning, she awoke to the news that her younger (and only sibling) brother, Joshua, had died. The night before Josh had been found dead in his home as a result of “combined toxicity” from his treatment for bipolar disorder. Joshua’s death rocked not only Rachel, but her then young children Grace and Gabe as well as her husband Jason. (The Long family also has a third child, Maverick, that was born in 2007.) Experiencing this loss as adults was hard enough, but the sadness and grief their children was heartbreaking.

The path to healing for the Long family was a rocky one. It began with a negative jolt with the first therapist they visited that would spiral Rachel into delayed grief for years. Thus, also delaying support for her entire family. After finding a competent and compassionate therapist the family’s healing journey moved forward.

A deep desire to establish a center to support children and families navigating grief and loss was planted firmly in Rachel’s heart. In 2022, Rachel finished her grief counselor certification. After sharing this dream with a few close friends, support came pouring in. Local IT organization, JP the Geek, offered an office and a generous family offered start-up costs and Joshua Center was born June 3, 2022.

Joshua Center is a nonprofit bereavement center for children and families. Our vision is that every child has a right to healing and hope from grief and loss. We are seeking to achieve this vision by providing support and grief care for bereaved children and families. Although we currently charge a fee, our long-term goal is providing services at no cost to families through the generosity of donors and philanthropists.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Long, GC-C
Founder, President, and Grief Counselor

Jason Long, MBA
Board Vice President

Grace Long
Board Secretary

Gabriel Long
Board Member

Dr. Jennifer Niemeyer
Board Member

Maverick Long
Peer Liaison

Crystal Olibo
Care Coordinator