Our Mission

Building Relationships with God, and One Another

We are dedicated to teaching people how to come to know Christ and to experience an abundant life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

We Believe In:

  • Making Disciples – Sharing the Good News to those who have not yet embraced Christ
  • Reaching Our Neighbourhood, our City – Bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of every culture, vocation, ethnic group and Nation.
  • Developing the Church & Ministers –Equipping believers to become His followers and live an exciting abundant life.

Important to Us…

  1. Fellowship with God and each other – it’s vital to our Christian walk and witness.
  2. An attitude of serving and submission within the body because it produces respect, humility, unity and trust.
  3. Worship – it is our first ministry to the Lord.
  4. The presence of the Holy Spirit. We desire to set an atmosphere where the manifestation of His presence and the gifts of the Spirit are welcome.
  5. Children – they are a heritage from the Lord.
  6. Hospitality – practically demonstrating our love for God and one another.
  7. Every believer living for Christ and sharing their faith.
  8. Financial stewardship – it is the responsibility of every member, demonstrated through the faithful giving of tithes and offerings.
  9. Every member embracing their place and functioning in their gifts, serving and ministering to people for the building up of the body.